food-best face glow food ,healthy foodfor skin-

  • 1. LIME WATER.

Lime and Lemon are best nature bleach since they are
packed with rich vitamin-C and the acidity,
Is an anti- aging beneficial agent to help in whitening the
skin, and also reduces ageing, blackheads and wrinkles.

                               about healthy food


Based on  US research , shown that tea helps to lower
peroxides and reduce the cause of skin burn and roughness.
Thanks to the richness of tea polyphenol, a strong
antioxidant to protect skin cell from damaged.
Green tea is considered to be a very effective remedy for treating acne and many other skin problem. The anti-inflammatory properties present in green tea are extremely  benefit in healing acne and it's marks.


Cocoa polyphenols and flavonoids in dark chocolate are
great antioxidants for skin whitening.
Be sure to pick the less sugar, since sugar can
triggers acne.


Almost every dermatologist will advise you to consume
foods rich in vitamin C to have a healthy and bright
They are easily found in kiwifruit , strawberries,
pineapples and oranges.


Pumpkins and bell peppers are foods rich in phytochemicals
and carotene that helps as anti-oxidation to enhance your skin
by slow ageing process.


Fish is rich in nutrients like Zinc and Orange-3Fatty Acids
that naturally moisturize your skin from inside,
this help to prevent early skin sagging, reduce allergic,
restores natural sebum level for smooth skin, also help
skin glowing and fair.


Essential fats and oils, Calcium and Vitamin E are great
for skin lightening.
Eat handful of nuts like Walnuts, Almonds, Cashew nuts,
Raisins,Apricots is one of the many home remedies for
natural skin whitening.

  • 8 . TOMATOES.

Protect your skin form the sun with tomatoes. It also
reduces acne and reduce the oiliness of your skin.
Tomatoes also help cure sunburn.

  • 9.  MILK.

Milk, being naturally rich in essential fats, Vitamin A,
Vitamin D and calcium.
 help build new skin and naturally whiten skin,so have
a glass of milk every day.

  • 10. SOYBEAN.

Soybean is best anti- againg having isoflavone as
phytoestrogen that fights skin againg.
So get soybean products such as tofu or soybean
milk for whiter skin.

  • 11. CUCUMBER.

  It is full of water to keep your skin to stays hydrated
and stays glowing throughout the day.
Cucumber is a very good foods option for people
suffering from the problem of acne because -
cucumber contains high amount of water,
which help in keeping your skin clear,thus preventing the
breakout of acne.

  • 12 .CARROTS.

Carrot is a vary healthy vegetable that contains beta-carotene
a nutrients to improve skin color & make skin glowing.
Carrots contain high amounts of Vitamin A. which is considered to
 be extremely beneficial in treating acne.Carrot are beneficial in
preventing acne and are also helpful in recovering from this problem.

  • 13. EGGS.

Eating an egg a day is good for skin, since its amino
acids &antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin can protect
skin from harmful UV rays also from new skin cells.

  • 14. GARLIC.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic that cleans your blood
from impurities that clogged in your skin to prevent
acne and with antioxidants to slow agaings process.
Beside containing a number of health benefits,
garlic is also very beneficial for treating the problem of acne.
Garlic contains a compound, known as allicin,
which help in fighting from the bacteria  and viruses
present in the body thus keeping your skin healthly and free from
acne.Consuming garlic also helping reducing the inflammation
caused due to the breakout of acne.


It is a healthy saturated fats and proteins , which will
promote skin regeneration for even skintona,

  • 16. PEAS

Vegetable have rich nutrients and vitamin can remove
discoloration & also actively lighten skin tone.
peas are rich in fiber to promote healthy digestion for
healthier skin inside out.

  • 17. MANGO.

Packed with rich beta-carotene& vitamin-C, strong
antioxidants to reduce skin againg, rejuvenate skin,
boost collagen in skin,& keep skin elasticity.

  • 18. SPINACH.

Thanks to its huge range of mineals, vitamins & specifically
folate which help DNA repair & reduce wrinles, thus hugely
impact on your skin complexion.

  •  19. EAT PAPAYA.
Many beauty experts and dermatologists had recommends
the recipe papaya for skin lightening.
Thanks to its rich in antioxidants & amazing enzyme
called papain that eliminate dead cells and remove
skin impurities.


Beetroot contains potassium, irion, magenesium,phosphorous,
fiber & vitamins A,B,C for eliminations toxins from our body
to lighten up your skin complexion.


Water is most common fluid to hydrates our  body & skin
by carrying nutrients such as vitamins, minerals & enzymes
for skin cells & keeps your skin clear.
It hydrates your body to remove toxins, dead bacteria
to remove breakouts.
Widely suggested by drinking more water, it will started
fast to clear up your skin.
Reduce soda, coffee, fake fruit juices and sports drinks
because these dehydrate you and work against your
clear skin.
If you are thirsty, your body are certainly already at
dehydrated state, so you should necer be thirsty.

  • 22. OATS

Oats contains high amount of zinc,which are considered
to be goods for fighting acne.It helps in reducing the inflammation
caused due to acne and also kills the bacteria which cause acne.

  • 23. APPLES

The bio-flavonoids and vitamins presents in apples help in
treating the problem of acne and also help in keeping our skin healthy
and lively.Beside this,consuming apples also help in providing a glow
to your skin.

  • 24. RED GRAPES 

Red grapes are very delicious remedy for getting relief
from the problem of acne.The natural chemicals and anti-oxidants
present in the fruit and seeds of the red grapes are very helpful in
the training  acne and are also helpful in reducing the inflammation
cause due to the acne.The seeds of this fruit are also edible .

  • 25. AVOCADOS

Avocados are rich in Vitamin C, which is veri beneficial in reducing acne and keeping your skin lively and radiant. it helps in moisturizing the skin and also helps in reducing the inflammation causeddue to the breakout of acne.

  •  26. BROWN RICE .

The vitamin B, proteins, magnesium and antioxidants present in
brown rice are very effective for dealing with the problem of acne.
The vitamin B helps in cintrolling the hormones which cause the acne.

  • 27. FATTY FISH

Fatty fisher are a delicious option for those high amounts of fatty acids,
such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, which help in reducing the inflammation
caused as a result of the breakout of acne. Consuming this helps in clogging the pores from which the acne breaks out.

5 food you should eat every day-food


    You eat following food in daily life,
This food make your diet balanced.
That food contains rich in protein,
vitamines,fibers,amino acids,
in that foods.

   That foods Boost energy levels and treat
body to the nutrition it deserves
with these 5superfoods.


   You must be eat 5-10 almonds in daily routing
dieting,It produce benefit to your body.
   Almonds are rich in protein, vitamin E
magnesium, fiber and many key amino
acids, which are beneficial
for the body.
   They are frequently used as a healthy solution
for relief from constipation, respiratory
disorders,coughs, heart disorders,
anemia, impotency, and diabetes.

      2  EGGS:

  Your daily earlier morning diet you eats
 maximum 2 eggs.
  A single large egg is just about 70 caliries
and offers six grams of protein . Filled with
protein, iron, and vitamin B7, they can
improve hair growth and even
prevent anemia
  Eggs are also a great source of omega-3
fatty acids,which are essential for normal
body function and heart health.
   Eggs raises the good cholesterol level,
egg healp with brain development and 
memory,protect your eye sight,
strong bones,can help you lose that 
extra weight.

      3 .BROCCOLI:

  Broccoli is packed with vitamin , minerals,
disease- fighting compound , and the
fiber essential in any diet.
  It has ability to prevent many types of cancer,
improve digestion, lower blood pressure,
lower cholesterol,detoxify the body, protect
the skin, prevent birth defects , eliminate
inflammation, and improve vision.

      4 . BANANAS:

   Your body have a less proteins ,you have weak body
THATS you need a gain a weights.Then your eating 
first foods choice is a bananas.You may be eat 
3-5 bananas in daily life.
   Bananas are rich in nutrients , vitamins , fiber,
and all natural sugars. Nutritionists say that
eating two bananas per day in just month,
your health would be significantly improved.


   Salmon is an oily fish that is high  in protein and
omega -3 fatty acids. Salmon can help prevent
numerous diseases like depression, heart
disease ,prostate cancer and can resolve
many other health conditions.

does not says 5 thing to your children ? that produced negative effect on children

These 5 things, do not say negative effects on children!

  1.  Explain to children not to scold, but to quarrel.
  2.  Your scolds have a negative impact on children.
  3.  Do not kill the babies, do not worry, they should take care of them.
As long as there is no good upbringing of the children, their overall development can not be done. Therefore it is important that children are properly cared for. It is very important for them to get better food and living. Along with this, they should also learn a lot, but instead of giving good education, parents sometimes talk to them so badly that they have negative effects on their brain. Your child may be timid or violent too. In such a situation, you should not do such things to children that have a bad effect on children.

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Explain rather than scolding:

If the child does not bring good grades in the education, then the parents scold him. This reduces child's confidence. They are afraid of them. While not so, do not scold him, but explain to him to study. Work hard with her and remove her shortcomings. This will increase the child's confidence.

Complaining to papa:

Usually children are more afraid of their father than mother. But by threatening the name of the father again and again you disciplined children is also not good. It gives fear to children to honor the father's father.

Shouting children:

Parents often start taunting the children. Children are angry and irritated by harassing such children. They seem to be stubborn over the talk.

Avoid Comparing With Other Children:

Many times parents do not want to discriminate against their children. Do not compare your child to another child. This will make the inferiority complex in the child.

Children's diet:

Some parents begin to complain about the child's diet, so that the child can also quit eating and drinking after listening to these things.