1.Lose your weight, burn calories,burning extra fat of your body increase your metapolism level running make you fit,it help to stummy cutter.
2.Increase your body stamina.
3.Improve your sleep
better in night and increase your sleeping time .

4.Running improve the immunity system for      protect                                       your small type of diseases.                   5. .Running reduce risk of cancer.
6.Running can help me to more smatter than other unfit one person in daily life.

7.As a survey runner have good memory and sharp memories compare to non runner person.

8.Decrease a depression and feel ourself is better life.
9.if you running daily,then you feel young and energetive in daily life .
10.Decrease your older danger diseases.
11.Decrease your collostrol level in our body.

12.Running release your stress,release mental stress.

13.increase your self confidence.
14.increase joint strength and stability. boosts brain-power.
16.running is very importa
nt for proper focus concentration and all around of our body.
17.Make a bones strong,you will running continousely austoporiousis.
increase your energy and you feel daily life fresh and energyble

18.Make digestive system better,you                                                 become a hungry.
                   19.running is increases your blood flow of body.
          maintain a suger level of your body and                                  controll   Diabeatis.

                     21.Increase bones density.
                     22.Reduces anxiety.


  21.Healthy Heart.heart muscles become a stronger.

24.Running is better job of getting enough nutrient and oxygen around your body.
25.This come down to your brains hunger for oxygen uptake and blood-circulation.26.increases strength to cardio muscles.
27.increases heartbeats of our body. help to make 6-pack of body.

  29.running is good for health.

30.Useful in life. 

                                          RUNNING GIVES A MANYBENEFIT FOR YOUR                                                     BODY

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