DONT''S SUICIDE

 A changing landscape of bullying and social media are just some of the reasons experts say the suicide rate is so high among a younger generation. Sometimes the warning signs go unnoticed by parents or guardians because they're not the ones getting those signs.

Experts say, many times kids in middle or elementary school turn to friends to express feelings of depression or even suicidal thoughts. Thursday night Bryan Health and Region 5 offered training to recognize these warning signs and the steps to take to potentially save a life.
QPR stands for question, persuade and refer. It's meant to prepare everyday people to intervene to prevent suicide.
"After you ask the question don't be afraid about the answer you're going to get," said doctor. "So if somebody says yes I am suicidal, offering hope and reassuring statements to that person. That I'm here to help you and to connect you to those that can help you."
In the past six months suicides from children younger than 10 gained national attention. Its part of a trend that's true in Nebraska as well. The number one cause of death in people 10 to 14 is suicide.

"Often times in the young age group they're giving away prized possessions and things that mean something to them," said Doctor.
UNL's Bullying Research Network studies local students who exhibit bullying behavior. They say bullying has changed in the last ten years, with the introduction of social media and cell phones.
"When that peer relationship is kind of fraught with bullying you're just taking away another piece of that support that they could have," said Cole Solesbee a doctoral student in the program. "What you're left with is why you see higher levels of anxiety and depression because there's not that sense of support that's needed."
Doctor says having the conversation about mental health, depression and suicide is something parents should begin talking about with their kids at a young age.
"It's important to look at those symptoms and to take them seriously," said Doctor "Depression is real but its one of the most treatable mental illnesses out there. Not everybody with depression is suicidal but untreated depression can lead to suicidal tendencies."

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