how i am control angry ? Do not let anger become your habit

Do not let anger become your habit:

  1. There should be a desire to eliminate anger.
  2. Understand the reasons and try to solve.
  3. Take meditation elsewhere to stop anger.
  4. Stay calm for a while after getting angry.

Anger is natural, but due to anger, many times we do our own losses. Therefore, instead of showing anger, you should learn to control anger, which does not lead to rift in relationships. If you get a lot of anger then it is important for you to know how to control anger, how to handle yourself when you get angry. You want to say your anger bye-bye, but still you get annoyed with small things. In such a way, you should pay attention to the reasons for the anger and should not be done again, should also be taken care of. Some senses and abstinence can also prevent anger from growing. Let's Learn Some Tips to Say Anger Bye-Bye-

  • Desire to end anger-

When angry, we take any steps without thinking. For the control of anger first of all, we should realize that we are doing something wrong, and it is also important to have the desire to eliminate anger.

  • Understand the reason for anger-

Upon the absence of a job, failure in careers or any personal problem or other causes of stress increases temperament. Learn why irritability in your behavior is coming. Understand the reasons and try to solve it.

  • Communicate-

Sometimes there is some misunderstanding or confrontation between friends, spouse or family, which causes anger. In this way, remove the spoken words by talking.

  • Accept the circumstances-

There are times when we can not move or change them. In this way, gradual turmoil in the mind starts to arise. In such a situation, instead of being disturbed and troubled, accept them and go ahead in life.

  • Do not stay in a hurry-

It often happens that we get out of the house in a hurry. If you get stuck on the way, or because of a train or pedestrian, you are worried, then the anxiety increases, which goes out in anger. So wherever you go, get out of the house a little early.

  • Take care elsewhere-

To prevent anger, it is necessary to put meditation somewhere else. When the anger is coming, then you can move away from that place. If you stay there then the anger will increase. Meditation will move away from the dispute after going from there.

  • Take a deep breath and count-

Take long deep breaths at a time of anger. Feel the process of going inside and out of body breath. This will turn your attention away from anger and breathe on, which will reduce anger.

  • Fair use of energy-

There are many changes in the hormones in the body when you get angry, which makes the body perfectly ready to fight. At that time, do not engage in the energy generated in the body by engaging in any other work. Like to wander, exercise, dance, This will reduce the anger itself.

  • Keep yourself quiet-

Stay calm for a while after getting angry. Count count from one to ten. Drink cold water.

  • Think about the results-

Try to think about the results that happen in the future before doing something in anger.

Do not make habit-

    When you get angry, you will definitely get rid of it. Somehow it is necessary that you handle yourself, otherwise you will do your harm or you will ruin your relationships.
    Control yourself when you get angry and think twice before speaking anything.
    To reduce anger, it is essential that you strengthen your will by controlling your temper by doing so.
    Rather than being angry, resolve those people or the reasons why you are angry. Learn to forgive people and also add a habit of apology. With this you will easily be able to control your anger.

By adopting these tips, you can definitely control your anger and be happy.

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