does not says 5 thing to your children ? that produced negative effect on children

These 5 things, do not say negative effects on children!

  1.  Explain to children not to scold, but to quarrel.
  2.  Your scolds have a negative impact on children.
  3.  Do not kill the babies, do not worry, they should take care of them.
As long as there is no good upbringing of the children, their overall development can not be done. Therefore it is important that children are properly cared for. It is very important for them to get better food and living. Along with this, they should also learn a lot, but instead of giving good education, parents sometimes talk to them so badly that they have negative effects on their brain. Your child may be timid or violent too. In such a situation, you should not do such things to children that have a bad effect on children.

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Explain rather than scolding:

If the child does not bring good grades in the education, then the parents scold him. This reduces child's confidence. They are afraid of them. While not so, do not scold him, but explain to him to study. Work hard with her and remove her shortcomings. This will increase the child's confidence.

Complaining to papa:

Usually children are more afraid of their father than mother. But by threatening the name of the father again and again you disciplined children is also not good. It gives fear to children to honor the father's father.

Shouting children:

Parents often start taunting the children. Children are angry and irritated by harassing such children. They seem to be stubborn over the talk.

Avoid Comparing With Other Children:

Many times parents do not want to discriminate against their children. Do not compare your child to another child. This will make the inferiority complex in the child.

Children's diet:

Some parents begin to complain about the child's diet, so that the child can also quit eating and drinking after listening to these things.

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