benefit of yoga and meditation

      WHY MEDITATION ARE HELPFUL FOR OUR BODY?                                      HOW IT WORKS TO FIT OUR BODY?

                        Benefits of meditation

     There are many health benefits to Meditation. If you regularly meditate in the morning, you avoid stress and fatigue, as well as prevent diseases. Regularly meditate on hypertension, lung disease, heart problem, obesity control. Careful attention is strengthened and there is good sleep in the night, so from today itself meditate in your daily routine.

  •           Less stress

Presently stress due to excessive work and irregular routine has become a common problem. But meditation on regular basis removes stress. According to a research published in the journal Health Psychology, meditation reduces stress and relaxes the mind; doing this, the body's cortisol hormone remains in the right amount.

  •           The brain is balanced

Due to everyday busyness, it is very common to deteriorate the balance of mind, a time comes when your brain stops working unbalanced. In such a situation, meditation shows us the right and wrong about ourselves. By doing this, every person gets to know their mesospots. It removes the confusion of the mind.

  •           Defensive arthritis

Meditation is very helpful for people with arthritis. According to a journal in 2011, the fact is that people with arthritis, if they regularly meditate, they get relief.

  •           Anger over

It is often with you that your mind becomes turbulent and you get very angry, so meditation is very important to you. It has four elements which help us in different ways. If you get very angry and sometimes you lose your control, then getting relief from meditation is available. It stimulates consciousness in the body, freshness in mind and mind.

  •           For pregnant women

There are many types of problems during pregnancy that women have. In addition to stress and depression during pregnancy, women's fitness is also not preserved. In such a situation, the problem is overcome by meditation. It communicates positive energy in the body.

  •           Lose weight

Irregularity in catering has become a common problem due to lack of exercise. Reducing weight is even easier by meditating. According to a survey, it is revealed that those who are willing to lose weight, if they meditate with whole mind, they will benefit.

  •           For good sleep

In many researches, it has been proved that there is heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, stress etc. due to not having enough sleep. If you do not sleep in the night then meditation can remove the problem of insomnia. If you do meditation every day, it is natural to have good sleep at night.

  •           high blood pressure

High blood pressure is controlled by meditation, headache is removed. Immunity is developed in the body, which is important in fighting any type of disease. Carefully increases stability in the body. This stability strengthens the body.

  •           Respiratory diseases

Regular meditation does not cause respiratory illnesses. Many diseases associated with breathing, such as asthma, anaphaseema, and respiratory arrest, are at risk of breathing, which can be fatal. Studies show that patients suffering from such diseases get enough respite from breathing meditation.

  •           For a long life

Meditation leads to aging. Because this keeps the mind calm, the mind is happy and the feeling of positive thinking inside the person prevails, so the diseases also stay away. It also keeps the person's immune system strong, controls the weight. In such a case, the aging of a person is natural.

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